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Decorative flower pot Rosa


Simple popular shape, glossy surface

Decorative flower pot Orchid


Unrivalled product on the market, for flowers demanding more light, supports quality growth of flowers

Flower Lover Cubico mini


The cube is back! we can admire its perfect dimensions yet again, allowing an impressive variety of design applications. the beauty of flower lover cubico finds itself in simplicity, amplified by sharp edges...

Railing pot Balconia OVI

Flower Pots, Hanging Pots, Decorative Pots, Visící květináče  

Oval shape, includes stable fixtures for any balcony railing

Smart system for Elise

New, Self-Irrigation Flower Pots, Accessories, Decorative Pots  

Innovative watering and monitoring system! take the guesswork out of the watering and fertilizing cycles.

Flower Lover Triangle mini


Dynamic, extravagant and sharp design – a poet could not describe flower lover triangle. it has been designed for all lovers of novel solutions. excels in revitalising any corner, brightens up dull places on...

Flower Lover Quadrato


Gracefulness and elegance of curvy lines of flower lover quadrato resembles the beauty of desert scenery, where the wind plays with the sand to create one dune after another. everything there is just interwoven...

Window box FENCY

Window boxes, Decorative Pots, Flower Pots  

Ideal to match with your fence in fancy style

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