Flower Lover Quadrato

Gracefulness and elegance of curvy lines of QUADRATO resembles the beauty of desert scenery, where the wind plays with the sand to create one dune after another. Everything there is just interwoven with rays of light and filled with harmony. QUADRATO magnifies the feeling of omnipresent tranquillity and comfort, gentle allure and perfect symphony. QUADRATO is the quintessential part of every loving and comfort space.

Sub-irrigation system included

Years of research, testing and experience define the sophisticated Flower Lover sub-irrigation system. Each system specially designed for each shape suits best to most fl owers. Please refer to the tables at the back of the catalogue to check what options apply to each of the Flower Lover products. Whether you go for the grate or liner we made sure you can rely on the system to do its job!

Separating grate

The large liner and grate only systems are equiped with the separating grate. The carefully located conic holes allow the flower's roots to reach the water and hydrate. Simple, as nature intended!

Water level indicator

The indicator allows you to see the current water level and shows the recommended minimum and maximum levels of water using the red lines on the crystal clear tube.
The sole purpose of the two spacer plates is to make sure the indicator is always in a perfect vertical position.But do not worry, this piece is provided already assembled for you!

Flower Lover Play!

Combine shapes to form geometrical or random patterns, change and move various sizes,colors and shapes.

Sophistication is true only when one does not take it too seriously. That is where Flower Lover Play! comes. The true sophistication of Flower Lover is best expressed in the product line as a whole. Combine shapes to form geometrical or random patterns, change and move various sizes, colors and shapes. Customise it to suit your very own setting or change it randomly to evoke different moods!
Flower Lover Play!

No Paint - No Cracks!

Flower Lover does not use any additional painted layer on the products. The PP material can achieve glossy chromatic surface by itself and therefore the color is mixed inside the material, thus avoiding any design cracks during freezing temperatures or when customers handle the products in shops.

Parametry produktu

EAN 8595096908221
Kód produktu 4111661
Total Volume (l) 4
Depth (cm) 18
Depth (inch) 7.1
Material PP
Soil Volume (gl) 0.79
Soil Volume (l) 3
Water Volume (gl) 0.26
Water Volume (l) 1
Dimensions 18x18x17 cm
Width (cm) 18
Width (inch) 7.1
Self-irrigation-type separator
Height (cm) 17
Height (inch) 6.7
Flower Lover Stránka quadrato
Velikost Medium
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