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Steerable bob Galaxy


Snow jet design for pure riding bliss, revolutionary feet powered servomechanism steering, copyright protected technical design, unique hinged mechanism allowing for convenient turning, raised backrest,...

Glider Klaun


Designed for small sportsmen, popular jolly clown design, the widest seat area

Glider Mrazik


Designed for small sportsmen, the widest seat area, anti-slide seating

Glider Bingo


Designed for small sportsmen, heightened edges for better comfort

Glider Pinguin


Designed for small sportsmen, easy to grip even in gloves

Glider Pedro


Designed for small sportsmen, after an unforgettable ride it can be used to build snow castles

Sledge disk Superstar


For children and adults alike, endless amount of fun whenever and wherever, designed to offer rotations throughout the ride, the magic of tradition, practical handles

Snowboard Skyboard


Product designed for the modern snowboardign era, analogous to a snowboard at a reasonable price

Sledge disk Tornado Super


For children and adults alike, designed to offer rotations throughout the ride, practical, compact, hard-wearing, anti-slide fitting on handles

Sledge disk Tornado


For both children and adults, designed to offer rotations throughout the ride, a lot of fun anytime and anywhere, practical handles

Bob Simple


Simple design, fully funcional model, outstanding stability, anti-slide fitting in the seat

Bob Cyclone


Built-in seat offering protection from the cold, original options in two colours, outstanding stability



An absolute must -have model, outstanding stability, quality at a reasonable price, brakes for added safety, exceptionally durable design

Bob TurboJet


Standard of high quality, excellent stability, anti-slide fitting on brakes for added safety raised backrest, also suitable for older children

Bob Twister


The most successful model on the market, fantastic attributes for riding, outstanding price/performance ratio, brakes for added safety, anti-slide fitting on the seat

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