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Small window box


Suitable for pre-cultivation of different plant species

Saucer Garden


Shape stability, beats rivals, designed for garden, garden flor and trend flower box

Window box Garden


Shape stability, distinct edging, non-collapsing

Saucer Extra Flor


Improve the development and growing of plants

Window box Trend


Distinct design, firm edging

Window box Extra Flor


Large water reservoir, stable and quality workmanship

Self-irrigation window box Garden Flor


Practical flower box can be hung by holders

Self-irrigation window box Smart System Fantazie


Most popular product with optional drain holes, wick-free design

Self-irrigation window box Smart System Gardenie


Exclusive solid flower box with a large soil volume, original method for fixing

Window box FENCY

Window boxes, Decorative Pots, Flower Pots  

Ideal to match with your fence in fancy style

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