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Small window box


Suitable for pre-cultivation of different plant species

Window box Garden


Shape stability, distinct edging, non-collapsing

Saucer Garden


Shape stability, beats rivals, designed for garden, garden flor and trend flower box

Window box Trend


Distinct design, firm edging

Saucer Extra Flor


Improve the development and growing of plants

Window box Extra Flor


Large water reservoir, stable and quality workmanship

Self-irrigation window box Garden Flor


Practical flower box can be hung by holders

Self-irrigation window box Smart System Fantazie


Most popular product with optional drain holes, wick-free design

Self-irrigation window box Smart System Gardenie


Exclusive solid flower box with a large soil volume, original method for fixing

Window box FENCY

Window boxes, Decorative Pots, Flower Pots  

Ideal to match with your fence in fancy style

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